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Welcome in Gasconny!

Why the Gasconny? and where exactly is it situated?

  • Gasconny is a historical name for the region between Bordeaux, Toulouse and the Pyrenees in the south-west of France.  
  • it is a climate, with less extreme weather conditions as in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic region. a winter with only 2-3 days of snow say the native people.
  • a region, which is so sparse populated that one still realizes the 10 cars passing per day. 

In summer 2000 we bought an old farm in Gasconny, at the base of the Pyrenees, in the middle between the Atlantic and Mediterranean ocean. A house constructed of massive loam which had suffered a lot during the 12 years of non occupation. A lot of work waiting for us.

In the beginning there was so many doubt:



but once the sun is shining, everything looks so different...


well, the work began....                                  "burning down the house"


uncovering of the roof...



fortunately, there were also some moments of piece, rest and recovery


and now the reconstruction...





This has been the first three weeks of renovation in summer 2000, unforgettable memories for all of us!

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